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A Modesto Countertops Service: Facelift for Your Kitchen and Bath

Adding a new countertop to your kitchen or bath is one of the most effective ways to completely transform the look of your home. Countertops come in several price ranges and materials. A professional Modesto Countertops Service offers many options. It’s easy to find a countertop within your budget since they come in a wide price range.

Kitchen and bath remodeling jobs are made easy with the help of a capable Modesto Countertops Service. Though it may appear simple, adding a countertop is a job best done by professionals. It is very important to select the right countertop and install it correctly because it significantly affects the appearance of the kitchen or bath. The professionals at Modesto Countertops Service will take precise measurements of the cabinetry to create templates for the installation.

You are guaranteed the countertop installation will be done on a strong, level surface. If the existing plane is not level enough, metal rods or plywood may need to be added. It is also important to take note of the position of electrical outlets, faucets and sinks so the countertop material can be shaped accordingly and the fit is perfect. A bathroom countertop may also need sink and fixture openings to be cut. It is not a job for the amateur do-it-yourself homeowner. Leave it to the experts at you local Modesto Countertops Service.

Countertop Materials at Modesto Countertops Service

The marketplace offers many options for countertops and there is a wide variety for you to select from. The ultimate countertops are made of granite. Granite is a very hard stone and is very durable. Granite kitchen countertops are not easily damaged, so spilling liquids on it won't stain or damage the surface and the surface can be used as a chopping block and a place to put hot pans. There is no danger of bacteria or mold growing on a granite countertop and therefore it is very sanitary. A granite countertop can be on the expensive side, but its functionality makes it the best choice. The skilled installers from a Modesto Countertops Service will measure the surface, cut the granite to the right shape and install it for you.

The best visual appeal for homeowners who want quality is a custom countertop. It’s also ideal if you do a lot of baking because our products can withstand a lot of heat The visual appeal of our countertops is unrivaled if you care for them properly. Our countertops are very durable and beautiful, and provide an excellent prep center if you love to bake.

If you are on a strict budget, we can discuss alternatives for your countertops. The skilled professionals at a Modesto Countertops Service will ensure that your countertops are installed properly. If you are looking for a beautiful countertop, a Modesto Countertops Service is the place to call.

Tips from a Professional Modesto Countertops Service on Caring for Your Countertops

There are some simple and basic principles that can be applied to care for any countertop surface. A professional Modesto Countertops Service will advise using a pad to set down hot pots and pans. Though some materials like granite and stainless steel are resistant to heat, other surfaces may benefit from having a pad between the hot pan and the countertop to prevent damage due to heat. The countertops may also chip and dent if they are hit with a heavy object, so do not bang heavy pots or other equipment on them.

Chopping and dicing on the countertop is also not advisable according to the experts at your local Modesto Countertops Service. The scratched surface may attract bacteria. It becomes more difficult to completely sanitize a scratched surface. Use a wooden or plastic chopping board to chop your vegetables, not the bare counter itself.

Also clean the surfaces regularly. A daily cleaning routine for the countertops is quite important. Use a soft, clean cloth for a dry wipe down at the end of the day if the countertop has not been used much. For a more extensive cleaning use water and a cloth. There is no need to use heavy duty, specialty cleaners on a daily basis, however do use them once in a while. Spills must be wiped up as and when they happen, the earlier you clean it the better the countertop will be. Also when the professional Modesto Countertops Service install the countertops for you ask them questions on how to maintain it. They are the experts on the material and they should be able to guide you best.

Installing a countertop is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your kitchen or bath. Call a knowledgeable Modesto Countertops Service to make some big changes at a price you can afford.

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